Jen Potter

I have had the opportunity to work at some amazing places in my 12 years in the Spa and Wellness industry. Yet, there was always something I wanted to improve or new services and products I wanted to implement. I always wanted growth and change. Then, I realized, what I had was my own VISION of what was going to make my clients and myself know they were getting the very best. Which brings me to the reason why I finally put MY name on the door! I am passionate about making each person who visits feel like the most important person. I strive to bring the best of quality of products and services to you. My job is my passion which drives me to pursue constant continuing education. The result of that is my ever expanding massage and skincare menu to custom tailor your visits

"I have always loved what I do and now I can finally bring you my vision of the cleanest, most energetically bright and warm space to life." - Jen Potter